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ONE DAY IN JULY 2010, Jason Webb was working at his office desk, when without warning his left foot completely stopped working. This began a downward spiral of disability that was as devastating as it was mysterious.

After receiving the misdiagnosis of a terminal condition known as Motor Neurone Disease, or ALS, this successful accountant and entrepreneur fell into a wilderness of increasing debilitation and confusion. In this deeply personal book, Jason describes the acute physical challenges and huge personal losses of his battle with an incredibly rare neurological disease. He speaks openly about the confronting reality of being catapulted from an active, healthy lifestyle to being disabled and completely reliant upon others for his every need.

Jason’s extraordinary courage, willpower and determination to tackle his condition head-on, saw him triumph over adversity and fight his way back to full health. Having been forced to face up to his own mortality, he is now a changed man. He has been given a second chance at life and he doesn’t intend on wasting it.

Life Through A Straw is an uplifting story of encouragement, comfort and hope that will show others how to accept, love and support anyone who is wrestling with hardships of their own.




"The book is brilliant and even knowing the ending before I opened the front cover,
I was hooked and couldn't put it down!"

− Wendy, Orange

"Thank you, this book was a timely reminder of how loved and how valued we are."

− Fiona, Sydney

"I could really relate to your feelings of "loss of identity" and has
certainly given me plenty to think about & appreciate in my own life."

− Christine, Melbourne

Additional Material

Dive a little deeper into Jason’s journey, by exploring his personal collection of
photographs,videos, interviews and journey entries that didn’t make it into the book.

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